What are the top flashlights to use in action movies? In these articles, you’ll learn about the top flashlights that are used by your action movie stars. 

Everyday carry, known as EDC in short, is somewhat a convenient tool kit that can fit into your pockets, suitcase, back-packs or what have you. They are materials that you find handy and you can almost always not go out without them.  The contents may have some variations; ultimately they can fit into pockets e.g.  A secret service agent would choose differently from someone who works as a construction operator. He would pick tools of more sophistication that can fit into pockets or blend in with the dressing.

Generally, your everyday carry items would include the following;

  • A pen
  • A notepad
  • A lighter
  • A flashlight
  • A cell phone
  • A pocket knife

Each one mentioned above has its use and they could be of great help when talking about survival gears.  However, you could edit the list to your taste, add to it and remove it depending on your environment or what the law of the land allows you to carry. It can also be done according to which one you think you need.

If James bond were to carry a flashlight, of course, there are several ones he could choose, bear it in mind that there have been several James Bonds and action movie stars since 1962. Each action movie star would probably choose something unique for each era.

Below are some of the flashlights any action movie star would carry, for the EDC benefits as well as combat compatibility.

The kinds of Everyday-carry flashlights could vary from one person to another but generally what should make your top list in consideration should include:

  • Reliability: you should make sure it works when you need it the most, which could be at any moment.
  • It should come with comfort: wherever you choose to carry it on you must be quite comfortable.
  • Power output: you should think more of lumen output (visibility) and the best range for such should be 200 – 600 lumens, anything beyond may not serve the purpose of an EDC for a flashlight.
  • Flashlight on-switch: this is equally important; switches should be easy enough to have them switched on, on the go. Done with only one hand.

Below are some examples of actual flashlights that fit into these categories.

1.Fenix PD25:

Fenix PD25 is the same as Fenix PD35 but not quite as big, it has an in-built battery of which can be recharged as at when needed. The battery can last for as long as 2 hours 25 mins; powering 550 lumens.

The power buttons come with options that allow you to alternate between Turbo Lumens 550, high lumens of 150 lumens, mid lumens of 50 and low lumens of 5. You can choose any one depending on your visibility

One good thing about Fenix PD25 is that it can function well for tactical reasons while being your every-day carry.  It was manufactured not to get hot even at turbo mode of 550, the system allows a significant decrease in its brightness to make up for the heat.

    • Ease of carrying: 8.5 of 10
    • Lumen:1300
    • Ease of use: 8 of 10
    • Con: hot in turbo mode, battery capacity is unprotected 18650 taking a non-standard.Olight flashlight for EDC

2.Olight S2

Olight S2 is one of the many available flashlight options available in the Olight collections; this particular option has a tactical option advantage.It comes with a pocket clip that makes it an EDC option as well and located near this pocket clip is the power option; this is another benefit of the pocket clip. It makes switching on the flashlight quite easy, even without looking at the power button, it can be located with ease.

The Olight S2 also includes power options:

  1. Turbo range – 950 lumens
  2. High range -400 lumens
  3. Medium range – 80 lumens
  1. Low range – 10 lumens
  2. Moonlight – 0.5 lumens

The options you have above are one of the things that make them qualified for a tactical flashlight. Of course, each option available has its function.

3.Zebra-light SC63:

Its main uniqueness and advantage are in how slim it is. It fits into your pocket without any inconvenience; it comes with a pocket clip.  It could be a tactical gadget that could as well be useful in hand to hand combats or when it comes to sneak-up attacks, allowing you to make significant damage on your enemy’s pressure points.

The size makes it have its downsides too, with regards to other lights.

  • The brightest it could be is at 252 lumens with 2AA batteries
  • The slickness in its grip could be a problem for some
  • The turbo mode is 5 clicks away, what you have first is the firefly-0.3 lumens, medium -24 lumens and so on till turbo mode.